Raw Jersey Milk Herd Share

Our herd consists of 4 A2/A2 health tested Jersey cows. As a member of our herd share you get fresh raw milk weekly, either picked up directly from the farm or delivered to one of our drop points. Our farm is based near Guthrie, TX, with drop points in both Lubbock, TX, and Childress, TX. 

Our cows are health tested annually to ensure they are free from disease. We test the milk itself quarterly to ensure our sanitation and milking practices are sustaining a level of quality, free from contamination, above industry standards. 

Our cows are grass fed with 24/7/365 access to costal grass pasture, shelter, and fresh filtered water. We practice rotational grazing to give the cows the healthiest, cleanest pasture grasses available. At milking time they each get a small amount of a dairy ration to ensure they are consuming sufficient balanced amounts of minerals and nutrients for their wellbeing and production. 

If you would like to watch a milking session for yourself and meet the cows, we offer farm tours by appointment.